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By on September 12, 2014 at 11:17 am

091114-OVWakebillsAfter a big opening game win against the New England Patriots, the Miami Dolphins look to continue their divisional success this week as they travel to Buffalo to take on the Bills. Buffalo poses an interesting matchup against the Dolphins, as their power running game and strong defensive front will provide a test for this team on several levels. With the singular focus moved to a new divisional opponent this week, check out what’s been said around Miami’s locker room as the team prepares to travel to Buffalo on for Sunday’s game.

Joe Philbin

On if he is aware of the old Dolphins-Bills rivalry: “Oh, yeah, absolutely. It’s a great rivalry and (I) definitely remember some of those games when I was young fan of the National Football League in the 70s and then obviously with two of the great quarterbacks of all time (Dan Marino and Jim Kelly) squaring off a number of different times, two great coaches in Coach (Don) Shula and Coach (Marv) Levy. Absolutely, (I) remember those days.”

On if the Bills are one of the fastest teams he’s seen on the perimeter on offense: “Yeah, they are fast. Their skills are very, very good. As you know, they have real strength in the backfield. Then they have guys on the perimeter that can run extremely well. They’ve got a real big target at tight end that is an easy guy to find in the middle of the field. They are going to pose some problems the way they run the ball and then the perimeter skill that they have. It will be a test for our defense.”

On what makes playing in Buffalo so tough:  “They’ve played well the two times we’ve gone up there that I’ve been the head coach, so we have to play better. We just have to play better, and I think our two games last year, we had five giveaways and they had two giveaways. They beat us in both of those, and that’s not a good starting point. It’s tough, it’s an uphill battle. They are a good football team. They are a good football team wherever you play them. We have to play better. We clearly have to play better to win than we have in the past, without a doubt.”

Kevin Coyle

On what to expect from Bills RB Fred Jackson and RB C.J. Spiller“This team is very very dangerous. Obviously, in the two years prior that we’ve played them, they’ve beaten us three out of the four times since I’ve been here. They’re a very physical team, very good up front, two of the best tandem of backs that we’ll face, explosive yet powerful too, especially Jackson, breaks tackles. Yesterday, they rushed for 193 yards against Chicago. They were very effective, they were controlling the ball. The quarterback is an athlete, he can run, he can throw on the run, they move the pocket with bootlegs and play action passes. This is a different challenge than a week ago. A difficult challenge because we’ve got to go out there, you can’t make a mistake in the run game. They ripped off a couple of runs yesterday in the game, one about 50 and another one about 40 yards at the end of the game to ice it, to get them in field goal range to win in overtime. This team presents a lot of problems and they’re a very good defensive team as well. They usually keep themselves in most game because they keep the score down and you’ve got play a very physical game to win.”

Ryan Tannehill

On Buffalo’s defensive line being one of the best they’ll face all season and what he sees from them on film: “That might be an accurate statement. They’re a talented group across the board, good experience, they play wide, they love to rush the passer. The guys inside, Kyle Williams and Marcel Dareus are both really talented players, fast off the ball, veteran guys that know the tools of the trade. It’s going to be a tough group. It’s going to be a test of our offensive line, both in the run game and in the pass game.”

On if it is a break to go up to Buffalo in early September rather than late December: “Yeah, it’s obviously going to be a little bit nicer than if we were playing in below freezing weather. It should be fun.”

Mike Wallace

On what the importance of possibly winning a second straight AFC East game: “That’s big for us. It would give us that edge, going into the division, we’d be 2-0 starting off. That would be a big jump for us, instead of playing catch up we’d have the lead. We’ve just got to continue to fight and play at the same consistent level every week and we’ll be alright.”

On how important it is to get a win versus Buffalo: “Very important just because we need to get this lead. We don’t need to be playing catch up. We’ve been there before. We need to see how it feels to play as the division leaders the whole time. We can do that. We have the team to do it. We just have to continue to put in the work every single week, every single day. I think we have the guys and the mindset to do it.”

Cameron Wake

On the approach to the Buffalo Bills game: “Just like we came into the first game, you want to get off to a good start. You didn’t want to have it any other way with two division games right off the bat. Our first road game, an opportunity for us to go up there with that business mindset and get the job done and get another win.”

Branden Albert

On how he carries over the second half of the New England game and taking it up to the road in Buffalo: “You’ve got to stick to the game plan, whatever the coaches draw up and stick to it and just keep pushing. I think that’s the biggest thing. We might get in a predicament  like we did in the first half, we just got to keep pushing it and stick together.”

On what makes Buffalo so difficult as a defensive front: “You got four of the best pass rushers and run stoppers in the game. They work together. They play hard. Like I said, three out of the four guys are Pro Bowlers. That’s a daunting task. We’re going to have our hands full. It’s going to be a tough game. Better bring your hard hat.”

On how hard it is to play in Buffalo and if he’s played there: “I played in Buffalo twice. It is a very hard to win. I remember at Kansas City, we were 8-0 and went into Buffalo and almost lost the game. So they’re a tough team. It’s going to be tough game, and I’m not going to lie, being in the division now, it’s going to be tougher.”

Knowshon Moreno

On Coach Philbin saying the Buffalo Bills have the most dangerous or best D-Line they’ve face all year on tape: “Oh yeah. I mean they’re a great team, especially up front. Even the back end also though, they do a great job of flying to the ball and make plays on the ball when it’s in the air. So we definitely got to be prepared for that and go through our execution and do what we have to do.”

Jared Odrick

On any lingering after taste from the last time the team played Buffalo: “Of course, of course.  You know and you want to try to spit that out and get that out of your mouth, but you can’t. I know Coach (Kevin) Coyle’s a guy who has a hard time doing that and kind of leaks over into us a little bit into our spirit in terms of how we feel about the game and how we felt about the way we played them the last two times. Because we know that we have the talent to be able to be contenders in this division and in this league. So we just have to be able to put it together and we will.”

 Ja’Wuan James

On the challenge of Buffalo’s defensive line and going up against Buffalo DE Mario Williams: “We just game-planned him a little bit today. They were saying this is probably going to be the best line we are going to face all year, so we just have to prepare, prepare like we just did for (the Patriots) game and help the team to get better.”

Jelani Jenkins

On comparing Patriots QB Tom Brady’s style to Bills QB E.J. Manuel who is a mobile quarterback: “It’s difficult whenever you play a quarterback that has the ability to run and throw. We’ve just got to see if we can get a beat on him, get pressure on him. (We’ll) do the best we can to get him off rhythm and mostly importantly we have to stop the run to try to keep them one dimensional. So if we do all those things, it will be a better day for us. I’ll say that.”

Olivier Vernon

On what kind of challenge Bills QB E.J. Manuel presents: “You’ve got to contain him. We can’t let him escape, rushing. It’s not like how (Tom) Brady was, he was going to stay in the pocket and try to complete that throw. He’s dangerous, E.J. Manuel is dangerous. He’s athletic, he can get up out of there and throw while running. That’s the one thing we need to keep in mind, we’ve got to contain him and be disciplined in our rush lanes.”

Chris McCain

On how dangerous Buffalo’s running game is: “They are very dangerous. C.J. (Spiller) is a very speedy guy. He’s a very shifty guy. Fred (Jackson) is also good. We’re just going to have to be ready for the quickness. I believe with our front guys and our second-level guys, we’ll be able to hold on to whoever we are coming up against. I believe we’ll be able to stop them.”

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