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By on November 26, 2014 at 12:00 pm

112614-WallaceWhen it comes to rivalry games, throw out the records, throw out the way the teams are playing. And when it comes to the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets, throw out any other variable you can think of of. A series littered with history, ranging from fake spikes, Mud Bowls, and epic Monday Night Matchups, it continues this Monday with both teams once again taking the field under that white hot primetime spotlight, as Miami travels to MetLife Stadium to battle New York.

Despite New York’s record of 2-9, the game is one the most-talked about matchups of Week 13, and The Finsiders got a chance to talk to a man that has gotten to view the rivalry from a neutral respective inside the AFC East for 12 seasons in former New England Patriots linebacker and current NFL Media Analyst Willie McGinest. McGinest favors Miami, but says that the Dolphins can’t overlook their longtime rival despite their current spot in the standings.

“I look at the Jets and I look at the Miami Dolphins and in my head I say ‘you know what, the Dolphins should win this game,’ and the coaches should be telling the players that ‘hey, you guys are a better football team than they are right now and you should win this football game.’ But if you go out, and you’re complacent, you play down to their level and make mistakes and turn the ball over, and you think it’s supposed to just happen because you step out on the field, then you’ll lose the football game. Or it’ll be closer than expected.”

Entering Sunday’s game, the road team in this series had one the last four contests. With the Dolphins heading up to East Rutherford, New Jersey, McGinest expects the trend to continue, because he believes that the Dolphins are the better team, plain and simple.

“So if they go out and play the way Miami has been playing of late, they’ll go out, and they should win this football game. They’re having issue at the quarterback position (The Jets). It’s all over the place when you watch this team and there’s a lot of holes within this team. Right now they’re a desperate football team, so expect anything, they’ll try to do anything to win. But overall, Miami is the better football team, and should win this football game.”

For more of NFL Network’s Willie McGinest’s interview with The Finsiders, and his thoughts on Miami’s defense and quarterback Ryan Tannehill,click here.

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