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15 Possibilities at #15

Posted By Jesse Agler On March 28, 2011 @ 8:27 am In Football | 3 Comments


Most mock drafts suggest the Dolphins will draft Mark Ingram

While everyone and their brother (including me [2]) has a mock draft, I thought it might be a little more realistic to break down all of the things that could happen with the Dolphins’ 15th pick in the first round of this year’s NFL Draft. Specifically, I’ve come up with 15 possibilities at #15 and grouped them into three categories: “Good Chance,” “Possible Chance,” and “Slim Chance.” Keep reading to see what I think are the 15 different things that could happen at #15…

Good Chance

*The Dolphins draft Mark Ingram: It seems like every mock draft out there has the Fins taking the Alabama running back. While I don’t think it’s what will happen, it is a logical fit: the Dolphins need a running back and Ingram is the best available.

*The Dolphins draft Torrey Smith: This is what I came up with in the first version of my mock draft. A wide receiver who can stretch the field and contribute in the return game, Smith is a tougher, more “football player” version of Ted Ginn, Jr.

*The Dolphins trade down to the 20’s: This is probably what I think is the most likely scenario. The Fins, who do not have a second round choice (last year’s Brandon Marshall trade), look to trade back in the first round and pick up a second rounder while doing so. This of course requires one of the teams in the 20’s wanting to trade up, which I think is a possibility. In the 20’s, I see Miami looking to grab an interior offensive lineman like Mike Pouncey or perhaps a running back.

*The Dolphins draft Ryan Mallett: This may seem far-fetched considering the Fins have only drafted a QB in the first round twice (Griese & Marino), but if they decide that the Arkansas signal-caller is their guy, they could make a move and look to groom him as the QB of the future.

*The Dolphins trade out of the first round for picks this year: Similar to trading into the 20’s, I wouldn’t be shocked if Ireland, Sparano, and friends, decided that they could pick up some more draft picks by trading out of the first round entirely and look to pick up a 2nd and maybe 3rd rounder in this year’s draft.

Possible Chance

*The Dolphins trade out of the first round for future picks: Like the last option, Miami could look to trade out of the first round altogether and instead of trying to pick up picks in 2011, just try and collect picks for 2012. This probably wouldn’t be the most popular thing to do (we fans love instant gratification) but might make sense.

*The Dolphins draft a defensive player: Speaking of unpopular. There is an absolute chance that Miami looks to help their top-ranked defense with their first round pick. With no elite interior offensive linemen or QB’s expected to be available at #15, Jeff Ireland may just look to take the best available player. That player could be a defender.

*The Dolphins draft an offensive tackle: There are several big-name tackles that are expected to be drafted in round one this year and while Miami doesn’t seem to need one, this regime has never been one to shy away from a serious change on draft night. Plus, there’s the chance that one of the big-name tackles could have a future at guard, though I’m not entirely sure that’s realistic.

*The Dolphins draft an interior offensive lineman: Mike Pouncey is the most popular name, but the Florida center (expected to be a guard in the NFL) is a reach at #15. Same can be said, it seems, for most of the available guards and centers in 2011.

*The Dolphins draft Titus Young: Like Smith, Young is a guy that can stretch the field and open things up for the rest of the offense. Smaller and a little less regarded than Smith, Young may impress the Fins enough to have them take a shot at him in the first round.

Slim Chance

*The Dolphins get lucky and draft either Cam Newton or Blaine Gabbert: If one of the top two quarterbacks in the draft somehow falls to #15, I’d be shocked if Miami didn’t jump all over them and make a play. That said, with the number of teams looking for help at QB, the odds aren’t with the Fins.

*The Dolphins trade up to draft AJ Green or Julio Jones: If the first ten picks or so have gone by and one of the two stud, first round receivers is still available, it’s possible that the Fins make a play to try and trade up and grab one of these guys.

*The Dolphins draft Jake Locker: One of the most polarizing figures in this year’s draft, the Washington QB is an interesting name. While I don’t think he fits what Miami is looking for at that position, he will more than likely be there when they get set to pick.

*The Dolphins trade up to draft Cam Newton: If the decision makers fall in love with the Auburn quarterback, they could decide to “sell the farm” and go for it. It would take a lot to move into position to draft this guy, as Miami would probably have to give up a file cabinet’s worth of draft picks to get into the top four or five.

*The Dolphins trade up to draft Blaine Gabbert: Same as above.

What do you think will happen at #15?

  • Some kind of trade (48%)
  • The Dolphins draft Mark Ingram (26%)
  • The Dolphins draft a QB (16%)
  • The Dolphins draft Mike Pouncey (5%)
  • The Dolphins draft Torrey Smith (3%)
  • Other (tell us what in the comments) (2%)
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