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Game Balls: Cowboys 20, Dolphins 19
JTor says:

Ok so they both played their second game in four days and the Dolphins played a decent game, but Dallas wanted it more. Moore didn’t handle the snap, can ya blame him he was shell shocked, the O-line didn’t play like they played the last three weeks, so blame the QB rite. The real blame should be on the coaches for calling such a conservative game, but I guess you can’t blame them when the receivers don’t make the catches. I’ve seen Reggie Bush play in New Orleans and he was rarely used to run inside the guards, he’s more of an outside runner so why not play him to his best ability, and whatever happened to the halfback option, seen him make some good plays running that one. Why not use Hilliard more for the inside runs, since they got rid of Polite.
Good Luck who ever takes over as head coach next year!

ILL Dolfan Kev says:

ILL-INI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go vontae go

cudlow says:

Moore – game ball? Are you kidding me? If he could handle the snap from center Dallas would not have got their first touchdown. He is a career backup and will never be anything but a backup!

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Vontae Davis (Bob Griese)

He represented the defense--which played great again today. He had the early interception and he represents the entire unit--which played very well.