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Game Balls: Dolphins 28, Falcons 23
Bear35805 says:

MATT MOORE did a good job while he was in the game. I believe he deserves a Game Ball.

JTor says:

Henne plays with the mentalitiy and poise of a Pop Warner QB, whatever possessed then GM Parcells to pick him instead of Matt Ryan or Joe Flacco is ridicoulous. Now that he proved last year he’s not an NFL QB what makes you think he’s gonna be any different this year. Dump him, even if you have to trade him for a trainer, you’ll be better off.

captpaulb says:

MATT MOORE gets my game ball…I live in Atlanta area now, and was at the game. HE scrambled….he passed…he scored…..Took out my TAYLOR jersey and put my WILLIAMS back in the closet…..HENNE SHOULD be traded…Dolphin organization is NOT THAT SMART however…..shows by how many playoff appearances the FINS have been in since Jimmy Johnson ran off Dan Marino !!!
Still a fan…..still hoping….will be disappointed AGAIN with this 2011 crew.

DolfanPhil says:

A.J. Edds should get a game ball. He was all over the field… he’s like a poor man’s Zach Thomas!! Overachiever!

pathines2 says:

all i want is henne to play like the first or second time he started, showed great pose and made some really smart decisions when he didn’t have the play to go to, didn’t try to force something that wasn’t there. i feel henne the man for the job and im sick of going with the flavor of the week. i had to put up with some jack ass named parwhatever sooner i get the rest of that name out of my head and crap he brought with him at quarterback chad nobody pennington jay can’t feel the play fedler i will be happy. i think this is a very good time to be a fin fan and if you can’t see any good in heene’s play i’m so sorry about your eye injuries im fin fan till the i die that is all.

ps dont no where fidler came from i forget

phinzphan13 says:

Chad Pennington is not a nobody. A year after we went 1 and 15 he led us to a 11 and 5 year. Not to mention we won the division and went to the playoffs. How can you call him a nobody, he helped save our franchise from another first pick in the draft. Henne has lost more games than he has one and thrown many more interceptions than touchdowns. Your logic doesn’t even make sense. Think before you write something as stupid as that.

shanydawg says:

You guys are killin’ me! if you’re trying to find fault with someone – you WILL find it. Trying to pin the 1st pick on Henne is laughable! A 7 yard out that hit Fasano in BOTH hands – a lob – a layup – but he NARFED it! But noooo… but it’s Henne’s fault. What has Fasano ever done to deserve such a free pass? You’re killin’ me! Yeah, Moore looked good with our 2nd teamers… but he was also playing AGAINST 2nd & 3rd teamers – aided by an 75 yd. punt return. I say start Cleo Lemon or Tyler Thigpen. That’s what all the knee-jerkers wanted back when… and how’d that work out? Settle down folks… it’s the 1st qrt of the 1st pre-season game with virtually NO training camp. Actually – we’re ALL wrong…. everyone knows that it’s OBAMA’s FAULT! Like it or not… Henne plays for US and I, for one, am going to root for him. We’ve finally got speed at RB – and an O-Line that shows promise. So he’s out of excuses in this, his 3rd and final STARTING season. LET’S GO FINS!

phinzphan13 says:

Neither of those quarterbacks even play for our team. If we are killing you, you need to read up on your facts or actually watch the game. Sure Fasano could have caught the pass. It was not a lob and it was thrown way behind him. It is extremely difficult to be going full speed in one direction and catch a pass going the other way. We are not trying to find faults in Henne, he is giving them to us. You can blame anything on Obama if you want, but in the end it comes down to our team leaders. Not just coaches, but players. The player who leads a team is the quarterback and if he is not leading a team, its time to get a new one. And by the way, our running backs had a very poor showing in this game. Every single one with less than three yards a carry. Hopefully Reggie can come in and do a little better; that is if he doesn’t get hurt first.

BegginRob says:

Its obvious,Henne is already causing a controversy in the first game,That is precisely what pre-season is all about,if he doesn’t improve Moore deserves a chance to see what he can do.Show us wrong Henne

i think it should go to mat moore

vafinfan says:

are you blind Moore held ball to long and ran in circles in backfield. one of Hennies interceptions was off a areciever and I dont recal a sack get real dude is a nobody playing against second and third string players

phinzphan13 says:

@vafinfan, are you blind? Henne threw the ball behind his receiver for his first interception and his second was an even worse throw. Moore played an excellent game once he settled down and deserves a game ball. Matt Moore is not a nobody and he was playing with an offense of second and third string players. He led the team out of a huge hole and into the lead. You sir are blind. Matt Moore for QB1.

JTor says:

I agree 100% phan13, Henne is not the QB Parcells thought he was. Coach has to forget about Henne and work Moore into the starting spot.

phinzphan13 says:

AMEN! Or we can still hope for an Orton trade. If he doesn’t work out, there is another Denver QB who is not fitting in very well. I’m sure he would like to come back to Florida. Not to mention his wildcat potential. Can anyone say Tebow?

Todd671 says:

Id have to say Matt Moore…hate to say it,but he looked hot…much more relaxed and mobile then Henne.Could this actually be the QB for Miami? Having the non of the 1st string options,he really did well!

@football_ninja_ says:

Can i buy a gameball?

Robert says:

Can I have a Game ball, Please?

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