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Game Balls: Fins 20, ‘Skins 9
JTor says:

I can’t agree more with Coach Sparano Dansby deserves a game ball, but I think Matt Moore should get one to and Fasano. With a little more protection from his O-line no telling what the score might have been. What a pleasure to see a QB that has the ability to play on an NFL level.
Unfortunatley the player’s accomplished their goal, Coach Sparano’s job is in jeopardy now and in all probabilities he’ll be replaced at the end of this season it’s a dam shame, but it seemed pretty obvious they were not playing to their full potential the first 7 games, and if that wasn’t their intention then they whole team should be replaced with the exception of a few. Good Luck Coach!

cudlow says:


Wake up – Soprano sucks! We should have had a new coach before this year even began. The owner did try for Harbaugh – look how good that worked out for SF. Jeff Fisher is still out there. A high school coach from Miami would be better than Soprano. And we have a QB able to play at the NFL level Chad Henne! Moore would be third string on most teams.

miamidolphin says:

Game Ball-Matt Moore

Caren "Cake" Wake says:

Agree with all the choices and want to add: Burnett has become a tackling machine. Reshad still has my vote of approval. And Clay was blocking & ready to receive. His one catch was still amazing! Matt Moore overcame some obstacles today to keep this offense moving. There are a LOT of game balls to go around today!

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Game Balls: Dolphins 20, Redskins 9

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