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The LIST: Who has been the Key?
victorbarney says:

Although still a good back-up quarterback, Matt Moore is better than Henne! Miami needs a franchise quarterback picked during the coming draft and there are 4 or 5 potential superstar quarterbacks available in the draft this year it certainly seems! Go Miami! p.s. Fire Ireland before draft day, PLEASE!

cudlow says:

victor – you obviously don’t know anything about football! Moore better than Henne! NEVER. Too bad this only looks at players – Dick Nolan has the defense playing like last year – finally. Getting rid of Ireland would be a good start. Firing Soprano would be a better move!

Legion says:

Marc Columbo. He has gone from being apocalyptically bad to mostly average, which allows us to get Fasano and Clay downfield making plays.

Kevin Burnett. Still gets confused sometimes, but he’s starting to play his assignments more and more. Allows Dansby to play more aggressive, lets Nolan scheme more aggressively.

Bpk says:

I’d have to say Rex Grossman. The Dolphins wins have more to do with the poor quality of opponents than any great improvement from within the team.

Jesse Agler says:

Ya know, a bunch of people have said this and while both KC and Washington are struggling, you can’t forget that the Fins dropped winnable games vs Cleveland and Denver. If those games took place now, might have different result. There’s definite change and progress–it’s not just about opponents.

Tone Dog says:

All I can say is I am liking it. PHINS UP!!!

Aaron says:

Think it’s pretty obvious Matt Moore’s improved play along with Brandon Marshall not dropping the ball 90% of the time anymore.

Steven says:


Tone Dog says:

As long as they keep getting him the ball even after failed attempt. He is a play maker

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Karlos Dansby (Kim Bokamper)

Dansby (along with fellow ILB Kevin Burnett) is really coming into his own and has been a massive part of the great defense the last couple of weeks.