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The LIST: Dolphins on Thanksgiving
Paul says:

I am 50, and I attended all of the Dolphins vs Cowboys Turkey Day games since 1993. In 1993 I lived in Ft Worth and it took me almost four hours to travel to Irving at the old stadium. It wasn’t really snow, rather a bad ice storm. What people saw on television looked like snow, but if you were here it was like ice pellets hitting you all during the game. What I remember most was the Dallas fans and how their mood changed in just a few seconds and as they gingerly walked back to the cars in the parking lot. My car was literally iced shut.

Matthew says:

Has to be Nov. 25, 1993, I was only 12 at the time but I remember it very well, that blizzard was insane. The last 10 minutes of the game must have lasted nearly 25 minutes. Miami Dolphins 16, DALLAS COWBOYS 14!

Robyn says:

It had to be the day when there was a blizzard in Dalle and the ball hit Leon Lett in the red zone and the Dolphins picked it up and walked it in for the touchdown and won the game.

Bill says:

worst DAY ever,I was there and it was heart breakin to watch.I hated to see Dan fall apart like that.I hope this years T-DAY Game turns out in our favor with the win in Dallas.

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The LIST: Fins on Thanksgiving

When the Dolphins and Cowboys meet up on Thursday, it'll be the seventh time the Fins have ever played on Thanksgiving as they look to improve on their 5-1 Turkey Day record. Keep reading to learn more about those games...