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The LIST: Best 2nd Half?
finfan75 says:

Reggie Bush.

sqimpm says:

I don’t think it could be just one guy because it takes other teammates to do their job first for it to happen. The running game, mix it up and stretch it around the outside. Last week against the Chiefs proved if u can stretch the defense, players get open. Use the tight end more! Fasano is one of the best in the league so throw the ball to him. Two touchdowns last week and I see him being a big part of the second half. Devon and Brandon will have more opportunities down field when the Defense has to wonder more about Reggie Bush and Anthony Fasano. So when you ask which Fin, my pick is the firm of Moore-Bush-Fasano!

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Reggie Bush (Sam Madison)

I think he is happy and really understands his role. It looks like he is enjoying South Florida and I think there are big things to come.